Reminder and call: BOL 100!

Dear former lyceist of the Nederlands(ch) Lyceum,

As many of you know, the ASSOCIATION OF OLD LYCEISTS (BOL) will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year. To celebrate this, we would like to invite ALL former high school students to come together again.

The big reunion will take place on:

SATURDAY 25 MAY 2024, FROM 5:00 PM in MADURODAM, The Hague.

What can you expect? To start with having drinks together, where we will ensure that people from a certain final year can quickly find each other. This will be followed by an extensive buffet and there will be live music, provided by Nanne van Hoytema’s well-known band. So polish your dancing shoes! Furthermore, you will be able to look forward to many memories from your school days and, importantly, Madurodam will be exclusively at our disposal the entire evening. The BOL covers part of the costs, but because the amount of the “personal contribution” will partly depend on the number of registrations, we urgently ask you to make a non-mandatory preliminary registration.

On August 9, an extensive article was published in the Algemeen Dagblad in which our BOL chairman Hein Snijders and former teacher Paul Gerretsen draw attention to memories and the upcoming lustrum. Read the full article on our website:

We have been working with a group of active ‘Optrommelaars’ for six months to collect as many e-mail addresses of former students as possible, but we have not yet been able to trace everyone.

Therefore the following urgent calls:

1. Would you like to let us know immediately (but no later than December 15) whether or not you plan to come, via the email address Even if you have already registered based on our previous messages, would you please confirm this again? And especially for our female reunionists: please register. with your maiden name.

2. Would you like to supplement our e-mail addresses with those of schoolmates with whom you are still in contact and who you suspect have not (yet) received this email?

You can also use the address for this.

3. Do you have any old class and school photos? Would you like to digitize them and send them to: Based on this, we will all take a trip down Memory Lane that evening.


The BOL board:

Hein Snijders Chairman, Madelon Elias Secretary, Nico Beets Treasurer, Jaap Quarles van Ufford Database Commissioner

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