grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Association of Former Lyceists: BOL

March 2024
Dear/dear old Dutch(ch) lyceists,
In just over two months the time has come: the grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Association of Former Lyceists: BOL. On Saturday May 25 at 5 p.m. in Madurodam.
As a board, we are completely ready for this, assisted by a number of enthusiastic supporters. It’s going to be a truly fantastic evening, especially since more than 300 former high school students (some from the furthest corners of the world!) have let us know that they want to participate. That exceeds our wildest expectations.

A brief overview of the program.
• From 5:00 PM: reception. It would be nice if you got there on time. Upon entering you will find a number of groups indicated, divided by final examination years, to facilitate meetings.
• A welcome speech at 6:00 PM and then an extensive buffet. Wine, beer and soft drinks are of course served in unlimited quantities.
• From 8:30 PM things really get going: then you can get your feet off the floor under the dazzling sounds of the many-piece band of good old Nanne van Hoytema.
• The Madurodam park is exclusively at your disposal until 9 p.m., so there is plenty of time to
walk through it with old schoolmates.
• The party ends at 11 p.m.
• A photographer will be present throughout the evening to digitally capture everything and
everyone. In addition to class photos, consider e.g. also group photos of hockey players,
rowers, actors and other groups of friends.

And the dress code? Festive with -if possible- a red/white accent. Indeed, how could it be
otherwise, the school colors. During the evening, everyone has the opportunity to reminisce about their school days through photos, paraphernalia and personal stories.

NB. In that context, an urgent appeal: if you have any photos from your school days, please make a nice, sharp recording of them – this can be done very well with your mobile phone – and send it to

Last but not least: we have a few more exciting/fun surprises in store…
Anyone who would like to attend is kindly requested to transfer an amount of €50.00 to account number NL31 ABNA 0886 0341 83 in the name of the BOL stating:
• maiden name
• year of arrival
• final year (or year in which you left school)
• email address (if you did not receive this message directly from us)

Your contributions can cover approximately half of the costs; the other half is borne by the BOL.
That is why we ask those who are not members of the BOL to donate an additional amount of € 10.00 (in total € 60.00) to pay the contribution for the current year.
And please note: you are only registered after receipt of your payment!!​​​

We urge you to make your payment as soon as possible – no later than April 25. Due to the
necessary coordination with Madurodam, payments received afterwards can no longer be
processed. At the beginning of May we will send you some final information and a “boarding pass” by email (watch your spam folder!), which will give you exclusive access to the venue on May 25. And if you come with your own transport: access to the car park will be free.
Finally: the adage “hear it spread the word” is still fully valid. It will be a truly unique party, where no former high school student should be absent. The preregistrations are therefore not decisive and anyone who missed our previous announcement can still register (now definitively) by paying the amount as indicated above. And how great it would be if a nice final sprint could be made in the coming weeks!

We are incredibly excited!!!
With kind regards,
the board of the BOL,
Hein Snijders
Madelon Elias
Nico Beets
Jaap Quarles van Ufford

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